In a partnership between the Universidade do Algarve and PSICAMB - Association of Environmental Psychology, a Conference on Environmental Psychology will take place in Faro, between 11 and 14 April 2022. It will be the XVI PSICAMB Conference, the third held in Portugal.
At a time when environmental issues and the urgency of sustainability dominate public debates, PSICAMB's biennial conferences bring together many of those who investigate Environmental Psychology, in the Iberian Peninsula, Brazil and other Latin American countries, as well as France and other European countries (and even from other continents), to discuss the current issues on the multiple interactions between people and the environment.
The XVI Conference of Environmental Psychology (PSICAMB 2022) will have four days of work. The first day will be dedicated to workshops and the opening plenary conference (provided by a keynote speaker) and the second and third days will be mainly dedicated to communication sessions, posters, and symposia. The fourth and last day will conclude the sessions and symposia, and the work will end with a final plenary conference. The Conference will also be the occasion for the biennial meeting of PSICAMB (members' assembly) and the attribution of the already traditional Rocío Martín Award (for works by young researchers in Environmental Psychology).
A social and cultural program (welcome drink, congress dinner, folk concert/ranch, tours in the region) will be offered to participants and their companions.



Thematic Areas


Natural environments

Urban spaces

Attitudes, values and pro-environmental behaviour

Residential environments

Institutional environments: schools, hospitals and industrial environments

Personalization, place attachment and identity

Human socio-spatial behaviour: crowding, privacy, territoriality and personal space

Habitat assessment and quality of life

Environmental concern and climate change

Environmental education and psycho-environmental intervention programs

Perception and risk communication, and disaster management

Social movements related to the environment

Environmental effects on health, well-being and quality of life

Urban environment accessible to diversity

Important Dates


Submission of Abstracts – until November 15, 2021 - CLOSED

Acceptance Communication – January 14, 2022

Registration (reduced value) – between January 15 and  February 28, 2022
Registration (normal value) – after February 28, 2022


Presentation Rules



symposium - oral communication - poster (presentation sessions)


Submission in Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES) or English (EN) - up to 400 words
with a brief summary of 100 words in EN (versions in PT or ES)
3 to 5 key words


Presentation in Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES) or English (EN)

with slides in EN

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PSICAMB Members - until February 28, 2022: € 280 - after February 28, 2022: € 340

General - until February 28, 2022: € 350 - after February 28, 2022: € 420

Student PSICAMB Members - until February 28, 2022: € 50 - after February 28, 2022: € 80

Students General - until February 28, 2022: € 75 - after February 28, 2022: € 100

Participation in a Workshop - until February 28, 2022: € 15 - after February 28, 2022: € 15


Rocío Martín Award


Call for Rocío Martín Award for Young Researchers in Environmental Psychology

The award, the award promoted by the Association of Environmental Psychology (PSICAMB) will be awarded by a jury and has an economic endowment funded by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.



The award is intended to non-doctoral researchers who present a work related to the theme of the XV Congress of Environmental Psychology and, in a generic way, with the scope of Environmental Psychology.

Candidate works may be submitted individually or signed by more than one author, with the first author always being the person who is applying for the prize.

The person applying for the prize can only submit a single candidate work.

Works must be presented in poster format.

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